nedjelja, 25. studenoga 2012.

My week in pictures (busy, messy, fun)

Gifts from Golden Rose Cosmetic
In my home office - trying to work! :)
Bowie sleeps
Featured in Portanova IN SIDE Magazine

Gift from Herman.Design
Breakfast time
our feets- mine in New Look  ankle leo boots
hanging out with friends
Bowie in a walk :) <3 He is so cute!
Chill out time
Something NEW in my collection
Preparations for shooting my new collection (soon post  on my blog about it)
Best friends <3
 my PMS time  :)
Ring and chocolate! LOVE IT!
holiday decoration in the city
more calories
Browsing folder with my old collections
This is an overview of my week! I hope you`ll like it!

<3 <3 <3 Kisses, Manuela 

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