subota, 31. kolovoza 2013.

Pajamas party (outfit post)

My outfit: 
tunic and pajama pants - Fashion Disorder atelier
sandals - Zara
bag - thanks to nowistyle
bracelet - h&m
ring - stradivarius

Photos: Krisijan Kro 

I'm still on vacation ... so I thought, Damn it all ... Why shouldn`t I put on this comfortable and cute pajama pants that I made for my studio. Practical and comfortable ... I miss just popcorn and a big bottle of cola. Instead I ate a chocolate ice cream.
These pants are one of my favorite in recent times and they can be worn with almost all and always  will look so retro and chic with these pajamas effect. A big plus on a adoration scale!


srijeda, 28. kolovoza 2013.


My autumn outfits I imagine with lot of BLACK  items mixed with patterns and creamy colours! :) Favorite items will be boyfriend jeans and pan skirts...all combined with a lot of feminine shoes and striking bags! :)  Deatails...rings and statement necklaces - APPROVED <3 
Like it! :) <3 

Kisses, Manuela 

petak, 23. kolovoza 2013.

In A Summer Mood (outfit post)

My outfit: 
t-shirt and sandals - Zara 
skirt - Miss Selfridge + DIY (from pants to skirt) 
belt - ebay
sunglasses - New Look 
Bracelates - india shop, h&m and Blond and Blondish

Photos: Kristijan Kro

I`m on my holiday time...hedonsim is ON and i love every moment! 
This day was perfect for my old pants from Miss Selfridge that I turned into skirt....It was my HAPPY DANCE moment! :) 
Mix that with some Disney people and your day is AWESOME! :) Trust my recipe! :) 

KISSES, Manuela

ponedjeljak, 19. kolovoza 2013.

Off to my vacation

One of my summer outfits: New Look t-shirt and bag, Bershka skirt, Golden Rose nail polish and ebay sunglasses
This summer I can`t without my Little Wonder necklace, ebay floral clutch, Victoria`s Seacret body lotion "Gorgeous", vintage cosmetic bag and New Look sandals

Packing in my bag: my favorite sunglasses, nali polishes, natural pody lotion from LUSH, books for lazy beach moments, my Tablet, my cute summer sandals form Ann Christine and sun protection from Vichy and natural cosmetic BIOBAZA (supertanning marmelade).

My summer LOVE: Nohaa bag, orange shoes from some random shop (love them) <3 and Cedevita to go! ;)

Summer outfit for holiday: Tara T-shirt, Stradivarius slirt, random shoes and Gothic Grotesque lips clutch

For beach: h&m swimsuit, book and sun cream

For beach II: Books, sunglasses, thermal water, body conditioner and Oreo cookies <3 Love it!

For beach III: Calzedonia swimsuit, thermal water and book

Summer outfit: H&M swimsuit, TRN (+diy) shorts, New Look bag and Ma Rina  bracelets

My bags are to seaside girls and`s time! :) I deserve some vacation I think! :)<3 <3 <3 Sea, sun, ice cream, party with my friends here I come.

Kisses, Manuela

srijeda, 14. kolovoza 2013.

Black on black (outfit post)

My outfit:
Jeans - trn
shoes - random shop
bag & orange ring - ebay
bracelets & sunglasses - New Look

PHOTOS: Kristijan Kro

This summer I`m in love with transparent fabric for blouse and shirts. This time in this black one that i designed for my atelier.
I can wear it with everything....skinny jeans, shorts, skirts...this blouse is my summer crush! 
What˛s yours girls? 

Kisses, Manuela 

ponedjeljak, 12. kolovoza 2013.

What`s in my BAG???

I hope everyone realizes that the bag is basic human right! I don`t even know where to put all the "necessary" and "questions of life things" if ther wasn`t  any bags!
Interesting is not it? :)
It`s Summer, the bag is a little easier, but it certainly has to be room for a wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick and a small planner.
Accompanying, but not less important details are chocolate bars or Oreo cookies, small cosmetic bag, thermal water for refreshment, reading glasses and a new number of fashion magazine. It doesn`t matter which on, it is essential that is linked with fashion news and interesting fashion editorials!

My favorit this summer is Nohaa  bag! 
Love it! :) 

Kisses, Manuela

petak, 9. kolovoza 2013.

Friday inspiration board

Just hot lazy friday...and my time for some inspiration to create fabulas moments in life!
Enjoy it! :) <3

KISSES, Manuela