srijeda, 28. studenoga 2012.

Black & white (and little green bracelet)

Look: jacket -my new collection (design by me) 
sweater - zara, pants, hat & boots- ny,
bracelet - thanks to Herman.Design
Photos: Kristijan Kro

Black and white for me today...warm november day, maybe a little unusual for this time of year.
bracelet from new Herman.Design collections! LOVE IT!

So easy to fall in love with them!
Happy thoughts... in my head words of my favorite songs.
 A little lipstick, and world is perfect! <3 

Love u all, Manuela  

nedjelja, 25. studenoga 2012.

My week in pictures (busy, messy, fun)

Gifts from Golden Rose Cosmetic
In my home office - trying to work! :)
Bowie sleeps
Featured in Portanova IN SIDE Magazine

Gift from Herman.Design
Breakfast time
our feets- mine in New Look  ankle leo boots
hanging out with friends
Bowie in a walk :) <3 He is so cute!
Chill out time
Something NEW in my collection
Preparations for shooting my new collection (soon post  on my blog about it)
Best friends <3
 my PMS time  :)
Ring and chocolate! LOVE IT!
holiday decoration in the city
more calories
Browsing folder with my old collections
This is an overview of my week! I hope you`ll like it!

<3 <3 <3 Kisses, Manuela 

petak, 23. studenoga 2012.

How to avoid autumn monotony?

In rivers, the water that you touch is the last of what has passed and the first of that which comes; so with present time.
Leonardo da Vinci 

coat - second hand, t-shirt - bershka, jeans- trn
boots- new yorker, ring- gift from Marina, bag- ebay
Photos: Kristijan Kro

Bad weather makes me nervous. Therapy for finding comfort in music and large amounts of chocolate! On Sunday I have a photo session for the new collection on which I work, so I'm busy from morning till night! New (old) coat with leo print! Do you like it?

Kisses, Manuela

srijeda, 21. studenoga 2012.

Imagine (outfit post)

My outfit: jacket - design by me, t-shirt -zara, skirt - topshop, boots - new yorker, bag- gift
Photos: Kristijan Kro

Ok, as some of you already know that I cut my hair. I can`t even describe how good I feel! Even the weather was pleasant today, so I felt even better! Lately I've been very busy becouse I`m finishing my new winter collection.
and I can`t wait to show you pictures of my new fashion editorial!  Hope you`ll like it

Kisses, Manuela

utorak, 20. studenoga 2012.

HyHy by Petra darivanje na blogu

Drage moje dame! 
Moja draga Petra i ovaj put vas daruje! Kako ovi hladni dani ne bi izledali sivi i dosadni, odlučila vam je pokloniti tople trake za kosu u animal printu! Daruje 3 trake, za 3 sretnice koje se moraju malo iskazati u modnom kombiniranju! 
Jednostavno i zabavno, da se malo skrate ovi hladni dani! :) 

Ovo su nagrade: 

Da biste mogli sudjelovati u ovom giveaway trebate: 

1. Lajkati HyMy by Petra facebook stranicu

2. Pratite me preko GFCa (google account-a/ nalazi se na mom blogu s desne strane na alatnoj traci Sljedbenici) 

3. Složite na  ili kombinaciju uz koju bi nosili jedno od ovih trakica
    (označite samo npr. nosila bih uz traku broj 1)

4. Napišite u komentarima svoju mail adresu i ime pod kojim me pratite preko google accounta i STAVITE LINK NA SVOJU KOMBINACIJU iz trend.Me ili Polyvore kako bi je Petra i ja mogle vidjeti! 

5. U nagradi mogu sudjelovati svi sa područja Hrvatske.

6.Igrat ćemo se do nedjelje 25.11.2012. do 22 sata, a Petra će odabrati 3 najbolje kombinacije i nagraditi ih

Veliki kiss od mene!

RE(a)D MY MIND (outfit post)

Outfit: blazer - Valentino (vintage), sweater & bracelet - New Look, pants & boots - New Yorker, clutch - MASS

Photos: Kristijan Kro

Outfit from few days ago, right before I cut her hair. It was my day off, I didn`t have to run to the shops choosing outfits for the magazine, writing articles, answer the phone ... I took coffee in the city, reading the newspaper and simply enjoyed the pleasant autumn afternoon.

KISSES, Manuela 

četvrtak, 15. studenoga 2012.

Life in pictures

Every day is special. Maybe because they are all important moments in it, the people that surround me, the work that I do and all that makes my life complete.

Time for myself...magazines, chocolate and tee
This picture speaks for itself
my outfit for Fashion Incubator
Morning on my window
View form Petrovaradin on Novi Sad
Rainy day in Novi Sad
perfect cake and hot chocolate in the "Vremeplov" (time machine) in Novi Sad
Demon from Notre Dame and leo shoes - gift from my beautiful friend Marina! Love u darling!
something new for Autumn
My darling and I like shadows
Something NEW
Lunch time
Oh, yes, I cut it
Coffe time before work! :)
favorite at the moment body lotion and nail polish
on of my corners
For cold days, a blanket, a hot drink and a lot of sweets
Coffe with my friends
Autumn sunset
Panna cotta & coffe by my birthday girl Marina! <3 

 Love u all, Manuela