subota, 27. srpnja 2013.

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, sometimes I get a good feeling (outfit post)

My outfit: 

shorts and sunglasess - New Look
bag - Nohaa
shoes - random shop

Photo by Kristijan Kro 

I enjoy every day of summer ... the truth is that the heat is hellish but can`t stop adore it.
Transparent clothing and vivid colors. A couple of ice cream and a bottle of water and everything is bearable!
However, it is summer, and it is still worth everything.

KISSES, Manuela 

subota, 20. srpnja 2013.

The time is now (outfit post)

My outfit: 
T-shirt - New Look
Sandals - Bershka 
bag - thanks to nowistyle
sunglasses - ebay

Photos by Kristijan Kro 
Lately I love to wear pencil skirts, I don`t know really if that's because I've puted them as a MUST HAVE item in my fashion studio or I simply like to combinate it with various items of clothing.
Anyway ... It become a mandatory part of my summer wardrobe! :)
Hope u like it!? 

KISSES, Manuela 

utorak, 16. srpnja 2013.

Life like this (moments in pictures)

Part of my outfit
Something sweet, book and coffee
Road trip with my love <3

My too cute baby cat

My NEW hair cut

With My GirlFriends <3 <3 <3

Some of my Birthday Gifts <3 Thank you darlings

Ice cream, my birthday gift - bracelet BOWIE (my dog) moment

At Work

My summer time beauty care

Lunch time

Part of my outfit

Windy hair moment with Marina

Chill out

With my Girls at Slama Land Art

Busted at Slama Land Art

I love moment in day, love to be with my friends and happy smiles of the people I love1 :)
Everything in life has a better flavor if you laugh from the heart.
So no one shouldn`t be preoccupied with negative energy!
I know it is not always easy, but we can always try to make us feel better!

KISSES, Manuela 

četvrtak, 11. srpnja 2013.

Baby, have a breakfast! :)

Breakfast is my favorite meal! I like to start the day with fine flavors and colors, and can anything be better than fresh fruit and fresh ingredients. I try as much as possible to eat healthy! If you understand what I mean! ;) I reached for the junk food too, but not so often! Although I can`t, but I don`t want to resist cakes and chocolate! :) I have one life, so I don`t want to take away all the small joys in life! :)

fruit salad of banana, raspberry and red currant and caffee latte with soy milk

Roasted peppers with eggs, turkey ham and cheese, coffee with soy milk, whole grain bread  

pancakes with oatmeal, cinnamon and whole wheat flour stuffed with Nutella  

Fruit salad with blackberry, banana and kiwi and integral biscuits with chocolate

Grain crackers with fresh peppers and cheese, fruit salad of watermelon and melon

Muesli with oatmeal and shake with banana and blueberries

sandwich with integral krekoerima, cooked ham, cheese and salad, fruit salad of melon and bananas and homemade elderberry juice 

Kisses, Manuela

srijeda, 3. srpnja 2013.

Don`t stop me now (outfit post)

My outfit: 
t-shirt, sunglasses & jeans - New Look 
bag - gift for birthday 
sandals - Bershka 
bracelet (big) - thanks to Herman.Design

Photos: Kristijan Kro

One of those wonderful days when you can afford a day off. The closest place to escape is Pecs, and loved ones! Coffee, lunch, walk .... I don`t need anything more to recharge my batteries and felt free. There is nothing more beautiful than that feeling! And now, two or three words about my outfit: rock variant complemented with new sandals from Bershka in which I fell in love at first! Believe me there will be more than welcome guest in my summer outfit! :)
Hope u like it? :) 

KISSES; Manuela 

ponedjeljak, 1. srpnja 2013.

Darivanje na blogu by Ma Rina & Fashion Disorder atelier (Festivals time)

Drage naše djevojke i djevojčice! Ljeto je moje najdraže godišnje doba, a vjerujem i mnogima od vas. Osim što to znači sezona sunca i je i sezona festivala. Vjerujem da su mnogi od vas već kupili karte za neke od ljetnih događanja, pa smo vam moja draga Ma Rina & ja pripremile jedno slatko malo darivanje, a ovog puta smo i udružile snage!  Ovom prigodom vas darujemo setom  narukvica Ma Rina i  summer DIY edition majicom iz Fashion Disorder atelier-a!

Ideju mi je zapravo potakla ova sličica dok sam tražila inspiracije za ljetne majice:

a nadam se da će nekog od vas ova naša suradnja obradovati i da će vam poslužiti kao dio outfita za neki od nadolazecih festivala! :) 

PRAVILA su sljedeća: 

1. Možete ako želite pratit naše radove na facebooku: 

 Ma Rina
 Fashion Disorder atelier

2. Upišite u komentar svoje ime i prezime i mail adresu.
3. Možete se prijaviti samo jednom, nepotpune podatke nećemo uvažiti.

4. Nagradna igra traje do 06.07.2013. do 22 sata i će odabrati pobjednika! 
5. Sudjelovati mogu svi sa područja Hrvatske! 


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