četvrtak, 11. srpnja 2013.

Baby, have a breakfast! :)

Breakfast is my favorite meal! I like to start the day with fine flavors and colors, and can anything be better than fresh fruit and fresh ingredients. I try as much as possible to eat healthy! If you understand what I mean! ;) I reached for the junk food too, but not so often! Although I can`t, but I don`t want to resist cakes and chocolate! :) I have one life, so I don`t want to take away all the small joys in life! :)

fruit salad of banana, raspberry and red currant and caffee latte with soy milk

Roasted peppers with eggs, turkey ham and cheese, coffee with soy milk, whole grain bread  

pancakes with oatmeal, cinnamon and whole wheat flour stuffed with Nutella  

Fruit salad with blackberry, banana and kiwi and integral biscuits with chocolate

Grain crackers with fresh peppers and cheese, fruit salad of watermelon and melon

Muesli with oatmeal and shake with banana and blueberries

sandwich with integral krekoerima, cooked ham, cheese and salad, fruit salad of melon and bananas and homemade elderberry juice 

Kisses, Manuela

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  1. Sve izgleda bas ukusno na fotkama. :) Svaka cast sto uspevas zdravo da se hranis, ja ne mogu da se pohvalim time, a najveci mi je problem sto ne mogu da jedem cim se probudim pa nekad i preskocim dorucak,a to ne valja..

  2. Obozavam zdrave dorucke, to mi je omiljeni obrok u toku dana! Svi mi deluju preukusno, mislim da cu ih sve probati! :*

  3. breakfast is my favourite meal of the day , i think it is beacuse i can get away with eating pancakes and muffins haha.



  4. lijepo izgleda, mljac:)

  5. Amazing breakfast :)

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