ponedjeljak, 12. kolovoza 2013.

What`s in my BAG???

I hope everyone realizes that the bag is basic human right! I don`t even know where to put all the "necessary" and "questions of life things" if ther wasn`t  any bags!
Interesting is not it? :)
It`s Summer, the bag is a little easier, but it certainly has to be room for a wallet, cell phone, keys, lipstick and a small planner.
Accompanying, but not less important details are chocolate bars or Oreo cookies, small cosmetic bag, thermal water for refreshment, reading glasses and a new number of fashion magazine. It doesn`t matter which on, it is essential that is linked with fashion news and interesting fashion editorials!

My favorit this summer is Nohaa  bag! 
Love it! :) 

Kisses, Manuela

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  1. Jaooo, torba je predobra! Ja bi zilion istih samo u drugim bojama :D

  2. Torba je divnaaaa <3

  3. Koliko dođu te torbe?

    1. Cijene ti variraju od modela do modela i veličnice. Raspon cijena je od cca 250 do 500-600 kn. Cure će ti nabolje sve pojasniti, pa ti share-am link na njihovu stranicu: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Nohaa/186515622240