subota, 18. kolovoza 2012.

If I locked all the memories in my head (& outfit post)

1. delicious snack
2. new things from New Look (Love u <3) 
3.Mirna and I 
4. candy time
5.coffe, macarons and fashion book time (and beautiful bracelet - gift from my loved friend Marina)
6. my georgius girls (Marina nad Mirna)
7. smothing from shs
8. my muffin bracelet

My outfit: shirt - h&m, skirt -shs, boots - no brand, bracelets - stradivarius and h&m,
bag - gift from Mirna

Photos: Kristijan Kro

Beautiful moments with friends, drinking coffee after work and sweet snacks approached the end of the week! This week I used every moment to read and relax. There is still a little difficult getting used to the fact that my vacation is over and that my notebook is full of duty.
Just when I thought that I will fall into standard depression and I have nothing to wear moment, this turquoise skirt  saved the day. A smile is on my face stille now when I look at these pictures. The fact is that small things are turning the world around!! ! Oh, lucky me! 

Kisses, Manuela

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  1. suknja je predobra! sviđa mi se outfit :)

  2. Outfit odličan, obožavam traper košulje!!! a muffin bracelet je <3

  3. ajme kako ti je slatka ona narukvica s muffinima *.*

  4. Aaaaa ova mint suknjica je pre pre predivna!!! :)

  5. Muffin narukvica, teksas košulja, čizme i torba... <3

  6. joj zaljubila sam s eu te cizmice super su!

  7. Jao torba je sjajna! Iako ne volim nešto prejerano animal print moram priznati da je sjajna i da bih je rado nosila :D

  8. Super su fotke! I divna, divna teksas košulja!<3

  9. Sviđa mi se sadržaj na tanjiru :)
    Teksas košulja je baš dobra, baš baš <3

  10. Super kombinacija teksas kosuljice i diiivne tirkizne suknjicice :)

  11. preslatka suknja u inspirativno-zelenoj <3