nedjelja, 29. rujna 2013.

Black moment (outfit post)

My outfit: 
ankle boots & leggings - New Look
necklace - Flower Power
ring & necklace: Stradivarius and H&M

Photos: Kristijan Kro

Lately it's all about black - in my case! :) . Although I've always been a fan of black,but I wasn`t  wear it all the time, especially in summer. Is it just a moment of inspiration, time will tell. In any case, my new collection is based on the black, and I appropriated several pieces of clothing that I designed for autumn / winter. And this oversized dress is one of my favorite piece. So autumn HERE I COME in my black edition. :) 

Hope u like it!!!? 

Kisses, Manuela

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  1. Haljina je prekrasna! sida mi se sto je tako siroka!

  2. wow jako mi se sviđa ova kombinacija...da, mogu ti reći da i ja sve ćešće posegnem za crnom...daje nekakvu moć ^^


  3. Amazing look!
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)